The most important list of our time

Algorithms are all around us. Without them we would still live in the dark ages! The Algorithm Hall of Fame is a celebration of scientific progress while fueling the debate around responsible data science. With a little help from you, this might just be the most important list of our time.

Meet the jury that has taken on the impossible endeavor to select which algorithms will be inducted. <read on>
Algorithms rule the world, yet we seem to know very little of them. Look at our longlist to find out what`s out there. <read on>

Siraj Raval

"The gradient descent algorithm has had the biggest impact in deep learning."

Prof. Ionica Smeets

"Dijkstra's shortest path algorithm is sheer elegance. It should be in the Hall of Fame because of the huge number of practical applications that exist today."

The algorithm hall of fame was announced at the O`Reilly AI Conference in NY on May 1st 2018. <read on>
Your turn
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Prof. Stuart Russell

I would like to add 'lookahead' and 'backchaining'. These are the fundamental modes of decision making.